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Avv. Giacomo Cardani

GCLAW Firm, which takes its name from its founder, lawyer Giacomo Cardani, stems from the desire to be able to provide clients with legal advice oriented to probelm solving, the growth and the pursuit of the purposes and requirements of the client.

The lawyer Giacomo Cardani has been working for almost 20 years, as a Corporate Counsel in a large Italian and multinational companies, offers consultancy, legal assistance, and non-litigious services in all sectors of civil and commercial law and corporate governance.

GCLAW Firm offers its clients support in assisting the entrepreneur and management in regulatory compliance, business development, in solving legal issues and also in the daily dynamics with the ambition to help them in their "doing business."

In this perspective the different competences of the GCLAW Firm’s founder and the partnerships with other law firms and consulting companies allow us to offer over time an integrated consulting and legal assistance, 

with the aim of allowing the client to understand the legal variables affecting their individual choices and business, and efficient legal instrument available to the strategic and operational management, to the benefit of competition.

GCLAW legal offices have, over time, developed a complete service that includes consultancy and legal assistance with the aim of enabling the client to acquire a clear vision of the variable regulations that weigh upon individual or company decisions, and to render legal services an efficient tool for strategic management and operations, that in turn give our clients a leading edge over competitors.

Through various partnerships, in Italy and abroad, with studies and professional workingin legal, economic and tax areas, GCLAW Firm is able to approach different problems through an overall overview. We are convinced that this working method is increasingly necessary in a current global situation, like the one we are working in.



Property Law

The firm provides advice on property transactions relating to both construction and property valuations, with particular reference to the preparation of irrevocable offers, options, preliminary and final agreements, negotiations, including with public agencies, preparation and negotiation of tender agreement and leases for residential and commercial purposes. 

Company Law

The Firm provides advice on operations and corporate issues.
It deals with extraordinary transactions in relation to purchasing, company group reorganisation (split, merger and other extraordinary purchasing or winding-up operations), redesigning the relevant shareholders’ and other agreements typically associated with these kinds of operations.

Corporate Governance & Compliance

The Firm provides advice on the legal aspects of the preparation, assessment and updating of the organisation and management model for the purposes of avoiding administrative liability on the part of legal entities, companies and associations including those without legal personality pursuant to Law 231 of 8 June 231.
It actively participates in training and legal assistance for supervisory bodies, ensuring that members of the Supervisory.

Corporate Agreements

Assistance in the drawing up of commercial and corporate agreements, with particular reference to supply, corporate holdings, loan for use, rent or transfer of company branches or companies, services, distribution, franchising, loans, granting of lines of credit, leasing, guarantees and patronage.

Judicial Activity

The Firm, also in collaboration with other law firms, is able to provide legal assistance to the client in civil law matters, debt collection included.
With reference to criminal and administrative law areas, the Firm benefits from the collaboration of other law firms providing professional assistance



Giacomo Cardani


Was born in Milan in 1967.
He graduated with the highest possible score from Milan’s Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in 1992 and was admitted to practice in 1997.
From 2011 to 2014 he is founder of the Cardani-Falappi Law Firm.
In 2011 he also founded the consulting company Development Compliance Partners s.r.l. focused on the field of legal and compliance consulting, with particular reference to the Companies’ Administrative Liability (Legislative Decree 231/2001), Privacy, Health Safety & Environment.
He worked from 1992 as a corporate lawyer in the business division of a company working in the banking and financial area, and subsequently with a multinational in the energy-hydrocarbon sector, working on the legal aspects of the development and management of the sales and commercial network.
This work gave him considerable knowledge in corporate law and contracts.
In 1998 he became head of the legal department of the property area of the Fininvest group. In addition to the day to day work relating to construction and property development, he coordinated various extraordinary operations in the property and corporate sector.
With the same group, in 2002 he continued to be involved in numerous extraordinary national and international corporate operations, preparing and directly managing agreements, shareholders’ agreements, and the post-operation stages. In carrying out this work, he broadened his skills in the banking and finance area, as well as in aeronautics law.
Within the group he coordinated and followed the process of implementation of the organization model in accordance with Law 231/01, and also took part in the Confindustria committee that issued the guidelines.
He is chair and member of several supervisory bodies.
Giacomo Cardani lectures in several masters programs on company law and administrative liability of legal bodies.
He works with a number of editorial offices and writes articles for specialist journals on Law 231.
Member of the Associazione degli Organismi di Vigilanza.
Member of the Associazione Data Protection Officer.

Languages: Italian and English.

Caterina Vecchio

Trainee Lawyer

Caterina Vecchio graduated in Law at University of Milan on June 27th, 2013.
Since July 2013 she works at CG Law Firm, collaborating with Mr. Giacomo Cardani.
Ms Vecchio is expert in business law, with particular reference to the areas of corporate governance and compliance, commercial contracts and civil litigation.

Languages: Italian and English.